Posts from July 2016.

The routine process of filling out an I-9 form when hiring a new worker could soon become costly for unwary employers. Starting August 1, 2016, penalties for I-9 paperwork violations will nearly double. The increased penalties were spurred by a new law which required federal agencies to increase the level of civil monetary penalties they issue to adjust for inflation. (See, the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015)

Pokémon NO? Nemeth Law looks at the latest fad and its impact on employers.  Is the new craze cutting into your workplace productivity? With more users than Twitter, the game likely has at least some of your employees distracted. What to do? Nemeth Law attorney Kellen Myers encourages employers to review and update mobile phone use policies, discipline employees consistently when necessary and, don’t be a killjoy, allow employees to enjoy the fun on breaks and at lunch.

Pokémon Go, the smartphone app, made its debut mere weeks ago but already has exploded across the nation (and world). Some estimates say that downloads for Pokémon Go have already surpassed the total number of daily active Twitter users. With that number of users, one inevitable question is how employee use of this game could impact workplaces. Here are some issues for employers to consider.

This month marks 11 years since 2,500 workers at the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News began a 19-month strike. Over the course of the strike, picketers blockaded printing plants, supervisors were cursed, carriers were robbed of their papers, cars were vandalized, delivery trucks were driven into crowds, tires were punctured by metal star nails, and police officers in riot gear used pepper spray and force to disperse crowds as strikers pelted them with auto parts and swatted at them with signs.

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